Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Last Speed Scrap of November

Paul just reminded me that November ends Wednesday. The good part is that it's payday. I love Christmas, but this year has seemed to fly by, especially the last couple weeks. I didn't accomplish anything I intendedd to do with my long weekend. My house is still not clean and we didn't clean out the living room to make space for the Christmas tree we haven't yet bought. To paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara, next weekend is another weekend. Oh well!

Jessica led another great speed scrap on the MyMemories Facebook page. Here's the instruction layout she posted:
And here's my interpretation:

We have a few trees in our yard, but this is my favorite. Maybe it's because it's closest to the house, so I look at it more often. Maybe it's because of this side of it. Paul pointed out that it looks like a face. Can you see it?

Thanksgiving at Mom and Tony's was great. We all ate too much. We laughed and laughed. Alex had me laughing so hard trying to teach Margie to smile with her eyes open, I literally laughed until I peed! I haven't scrapped Thanksgiving yet. I know the kits I want to use, I just have to wait until I have the money in my account to buy them. It's not like I don't have tons of other pictures to scrap! I finished my October album. This may just be my favorite layout from Halloween:
It's definitely one of my faves anyway. Another page I really like from the October album, I just did today.
This is the first time I've used the background effect. I don't think I ever even tried that when I was paper scrapping!

I guess that's plenty for today. I'll try to keep up better!

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