Friday, November 18, 2011

Family Traditions

The My Memories weekly challenge this week is Family Traditions. My family doesn't have much of a tradition on Thanksgiving. We haven't really since Grandma was no longer able to have Thanksgiving at her house. I decided to focus on Christmas. Again, Christmas is different now. When we were kids, we had homemade fudge; we left fudge, cookies, and hot chocolate for Santa and went to look at Christmas lights while he left our gifts, then we opened our presents. We always decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I don't remember doing it when we were kids, but as adults, we had fudge and hot chocolate while we decorated the tree. I don't remember reading the Christmas story from the Bible consistently when we were children, but it did become a regular occurrence as we got older. I think it was after Mom got remarried when she began making homemade chili on Christmas Eve. At some point, Jiffy Cobblers were added to the mix. I don't have pictures of many of these traditions. For the challenge, I focused on the three I do have pictures of: chili, cobbler, and the Christmas story.
I haven't bought any Christmas kits yet, so I improvised with what I have available.
I read a suggestion of creating a page a day for the month of November, documenting what you're thankful for. I loved the idea, so I'm doing it. I'm behind on my blogging, so I haven't been posting my pages. There are a few that I don't have pictures for yet, so I haven't even posted to Facebook. Here's my page for today:
Polly had a doctor's appointment today. I'm always thankful when my dog is disease-free. We've been taking our pets to Westridge Animal Hospital since they opened. Dr. Murray, the owner, is an excellent veterinarian. At first, I was nervous when he started bringing in other vets to work with him. They have all proven to be just as good, or almost anyway, as Dr. Murray. Although I just love him, I'm perfectly fine with Polly seeing him or Dr. Burns.

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  1. I love your Christmas traditions. It is funny how things change over time.. variations of traditions as the years pass on. But it is good to see you kept some in tact fully.. .especially the fudge and hot chocolate! LOL!
    Happiest of holidays to you!
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